Sunday, April 19, 2009

Too Many

If you have read my blog before, you would have known my feelings on foreign workers in Singapore. If you do not, here’s my thought on them: There’s too many of them.

I feel that Singaporeans are losing out to foreign workers in Singapore as there are too many foreign workers in Singapore and the foreign workers are taking away jobs that can be taken by Singaporeans. The latest example is the 10,000 jobs at Sentosa's upcoming integrated resort (IR).

The Philippines President Gloria Arroyo has been quoted by 2 of the country's newspapers that half of the jobs on offer at the IR will be going to Filipinos. Singapore has of course denied this and said that the bulk of the jobs will be going to Singaporeans. 2 problems on the denial; one is that the President of the Philippines was the one who said this and she didn’t deny the quote. So if the bulk of the jobs are going to Singaporeans, it means that she was either wrong or lying. Two is that while the President of the Philippines was quoted saying that 5,000 jobs will go to Filipinos, you don’t hear any Ministers on Singapore’s side saying that the bulk of the jobs will be going to Singaporeans.

My latest personal experience on Singapore having too many foreign workers is when I know of a real estate agent working in Singapore…and she is from Japan. It seems that there are many real estate agents from foreign countries working in Singapore. There are Chinese, Indonesians, and evidently at least 1 from Japan. I am sorry but is there really a need in Singapore for foreign real estate agents? I can understand if they are providing service to other foreign Japanese, Indonesians etc foreign workers in Singapore (see, even more foreign workers), but are they providing a service that can’t be done by Singaporeans?

I know this is like talking to the wind but with the jobless rate climbing, maybe it’s high time that the Singapore government actually put some restrictions on the amount of foreigners working in Singapore like you know…every other country in the world right now.

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