Friday, April 17, 2009

Water Reclamation in Singapore

A little announcement in Singapore caught my eye today. Singapore’s largest water reclamation plant will open on June 22 during the International Water Week.

I never knew about International Water Week till now. With climate change and a growing human population, water is expected to be a valued commodity in the near future. Since asking humans to conserve is like asking for rain in a desert (possible but not likely), water reclamation is the right way to go. Singapore’s largest water reclamation plant will costs S$3.65 billion and will process 800,000 cubic metres of water once it is fully functional. If it goes well, there are plans to build another major water reclamation plant in southwest Singapore.

I strongly believe that water reclamation technology is something Singapore should focus on. Not only is it good for Singapore, chances are that water conservation technology is something that will be in big demand in the future. Instead of being an education hub, convention hub etc, the Singapore government should focus on the water technology trade

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