Saturday, April 11, 2009

Comics this week

War of Kings: Ascension #1- War of Kings: Darkhawk has somehow morph into War of Kings: Ascension. Strangely this change in the title actually makes sense. War of Kings: Darkhawk is the title where readers are reintroduce to the Darkhawk/Chris Powell character. His back-story was given and in the end he was given the needed power boost before he was sent off to space. War of Kings: Ascension is on what he is doing once he is in space. This spilt is nicely done and War of Kings: Ascension show a direction that interest me. I can just see the goldmine of stories in having a group that almost the direct opposite of the Nova Corps. Despite my expectations, this was a very good issue.

Secret Six #8 – After the first story arc, it’s time for a little R&R for the Six. Only the problem is that the Six are a group of no-good super-villains! A double-date between Deadshot and Jeanette, Scandal and her new girlfriend (who has no idea what Scandal do for a living) was hysterical as all of them had to make a promise not to kill on the night and they found this promise was harder to keep than expected. Some philosophical discussions on the nature of life and love ended the night amidst more violence when they truly had to dump the promise. Hey, we tried right?

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