Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Outbreak

Chances to contain the swine flu outbreak in Mexico dropped from small to nil as over 66 cases of swine flu are confirmed in the U.S. Swine flu are now confirmed from Canada to Spain and the Middle East.

The swine flu outbreak is suspected to have killed 159 in Mexico and experts believe that it’s a matter of time before it kills people outside Mexico as well. Mexico has shut its pyramids and closed restaurants in a bid to stop the spread of the swine flu but it seems too late for such measures. Countries around the world are stepping up checks of people entering their country and the U.S is warning Americans to avoid nonessential travel to Mexico. Cuba went a step further and suspended all flights to and from Mexico.

What’s worse is that Mexico has another 2,498 suspected cases of swine flu and over 1,311 of the patients are in hospital. Here’s wishing a speedy recovery to all the victims of the outbreak. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

It'll take more than luck to avert this disaster...

Ghost said...

Sad but true. It seems to be getting from bad to worse