Friday, July 31, 2009

Comics this week

Dark Reign: The Hood #3- Running a super-villain gang is tough. Just ask Parker Robbins, the Hood. First he has to contend with a demon looking to take over his body, then he was told the only way to stop the demon was to stop wearing the cloak that gave him his powers. Then he has to bust his men out of jail because they were in a drunken stupor and busted by the police. Then he has to look out as White Fang and the Controller are looking to cut him down from his position of power. And all this outside the fact he has to keep his identity secret from his wife and kid, and reject a deal with the demon that may just be worth selling his soul for. Some guys just got it tough.

Secret Warriors #6- Finally we get to see why this series is called the Secret Warriors. The Secret Warriors actually show up and did something of note. However I still think the series has too much Nick Fury. The revelations of the mole in Hydra was nicely done but the title really should be changed to Secrets of Nick Fury instead of Secret Warriors.

War of Kings: Ascension #4- Chris Powell is finally back in the Darkhawk armor...and immediately regrets it. The Starjammers and Gladiator are out for his blood for the death of Lilandra. Powell then surprised Talon and Razor by keeping control of the Darkhawk armor and even managed to get the Skrull host back. I think they then made a mistake. It would have been much better if the Skrull had stayed around and became something of a mentor figure to Powell. I mean the guy didn’t even know who Lilandra was; how is he going to do in space chasing down all the other amulets? Still it was a good end to a surprising well-done series.

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