Thursday, November 25, 2010


While completing for Singapore in the current Asian Games in China, the Singapore water polo team played while wearing swimming trunks which featured the crescent moon and stars from the Singapore flag.

Some people in Singapore complained that this is “obscene” especially the “placement” of the moon. In an act of covering their ass, the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA) said that the Singapore water polo team did not seek their advice on the design of the trunks.

Talk about the ridiculous. Here we have a group of men who took time off their work and studies to represent Singapore and they are being criticized for their…swimming trunks? Really, what’s so wrong about their trunks anyway? It’s just a pair of swimming trunks and the team even design it themselves to showcase the flag they are playing for. What’s wrong with that?

The complains are both stupid and ridiculous!


Natalie said...

Oh, those trunks are worth a chuckle, but in the end I think they're just fine and people need to get their minds out of the gutter. Or enjoy being in the gutter for the moment and then move on to appreciate the athleticism instead. If the swimmers don't like them, then that's another story, I suppose. Great post!

Ghost said...

Personally I can't see what's so wrong about the design. The players are willing to take the time and effort to design the trunks, so that's a good thing. What difference does it makes whether the moon is in the middle or at the side?

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