Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stop Whining!

With World of Warcraft having 12 million subscribers, it's no surprise that developers are currently trying to find the next big online game. One of the biggest is Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Budgeted at US$100 million, and developed by the respected Bioware Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the most ambitious MMORPG projects to date. However with the big budget come the high expectations. Already the internet is filled with doomsday scenarios that the game will suck, it will never make a profit, that it’s too big for its own good, etc.

What a bunch of whiners! Really, the game is at least half a year away and people are already whining that the game will fail. Whatever happened to the days when gamers actually look forward to games coming out? Okay, I’m not a Star War fans so I’m not really looking for to the game but that’s a different matter. People should stop whining about games that are months (MONTHS) away from being released.

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