Monday, November 29, 2010

What's The Secret?

Today is supposed to be D-Day for the US State Department as whistleblower website WikiLeaks released hundred of thousands secret confidential cables. After reading some of the more high profile cases I can’t help but say, “That’s it? This is what they were worried about?”

Outside the embarrassment factor, I fail to see what’s so amazing about the cables released by WikiLeaks. The Chinese government trying to hack into Google; we knew about it already because Google announced it to the world. The Saudi Arabia's king's asking the US to bomb Iran; not unexpected as Saudi Arabia and Iran are hardly friends. Israel discussing with Egypt and the PLA before its war on Hamas in Gaza; hardly a surprise.

Where are the real juicy secrets? No, Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi’s suspect affair with his "voluptuous blond" Ukrainian nurse does not count. This is what the Americans were worried about? Most of this stuff can’t even be called secret.


Anonymous said...

The United States is not worry about those secrets leaking into foreign lands. The US Leaders are afraid that the Americans will get to know that the US Leaders from immediate past to the current ones have not been honest to the (American) people, in the many decisions that they have had made.

Don't forget the Americans are the first to smell whatever stinky farts their leaders gave and suffer repercussions when they travel abroad. One reason why yankees always got warned not to travel to many destinations. And what about wars that will be brought right to their homes if the US Leaders are causing them?


Natalie said...

Eh, too many secrets cause more problems than they solve. While I may not necessarily be for leaking state secrets, especially if it causes international problems for folks from the tourist to the diplomat, especially if it increases anti-American (or any country) sentiment, I am also vey much for the idea that people in power should know that they can indeed be held accountable for their actions...and to act accordingly. An interesting post, Ghost.

Gar said...

It's yet another attempt by the media to induce panic. The more the panic, the more the news, the more money the news agencies make from advertising.
If more people thought like you the world would be a much more tranquil and peaceful place.
One of the problems with freedom of the press in a democracy (or republic) is that the stupid people (who are easily manipulated by the overblown stories presented by the press) still get to vote and make an impact.

Ghost said...

I just can’t understand what the fuss is about. I don’t think it will increases anti-American sentiment because there’s nothing new in the leaks. Nicolas Sarkozy is pro-American? Putin is an alpha male? Embarrassing, but not damaging. The thing is nothing I read so far is very damaging for America.