Sunday, November 28, 2010


Since Singapore Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam said that former fugitive Mas Selamat Kastari took shelter at his brother’s flat before escaping out of Singapore, the Singapore Government (and the government-backed media) has been “urging” Singaporeans not to lay blame at the Malay-Muslim community for the escape of the suspected terrorist.

All good and well except for the only problem with it is that NO one I know blame the Malay-Muslim community! Really, the Singapore government needs to stop talking about “blaming” the Malay-Muslim community because no one does! Singaporeans don’t blame the Malay-Muslim community for the escape, they blame the Singapore government for the amazing incompetence of not checking on Mas Selamat’s immediate family members! In fact some Singaporeans I know seems to understand why the family sheltered him. He is afterall their blood, but the government’s failure to keep an eye on the family? That is something no one can understand.

Frankly, it makes the government looks bad. By keep screaming that Singaporeans should not blame the Malay-Muslim community, the Singapore Government looks like they are trying deflect responsibility. With an election coming up, I can understand the Singapore government's instinct to tai-chi away the responsibility but that is something Singaporeans will not (and are not) accept.


PAP and Tai-Chi said...

An incompetent govt can be best explained by an incompetent system of selection, which in itself begets incompetent ministers and systemic problems.

If we take Wong Kan Seng as example, the MHA under his watch would not have allowed Mas Selamat to escape twice while under Singapore's custody, let alone take shelter in a family member's home literally right under their nose. Of course we must not forget that Mas swam across to Johore handicapped by one bad leg.

"Tai-Chi" is a nice way of describing how pathetic and shameless PAP leaders avoid responsibility and accountability.

ps: it makes sense to officially include Tai-Chi as an alternative meaning for the english language.

Ghost said...

Avioding responsibility for the mess is expected but I think the government went about the wrong way and worse, pick on the wrong target. No one but them are "blaming" the Malay-Muslim community