Thursday, November 4, 2010


Generally speaking, I don’t care much about biographies. Especially if they are biographies written by people about themselves. Whether they are politicians, leaders or generals, I think it’s pretty impossible for these biographies to be objective.

So I didn’t care much about it when I heard that former U.S President George W. Bush is going to release an upcoming book titled, "Decision Points." Then I heard the interview he did with a reporter to promote his book and boy, was I interested!

In an interview with NBC reporter Matt Lauer, the former President said that the worst moment in his presidency was when rapper Kanye West criticized his handling of Hurricane Katrina and called him a racist. Now I’m no fan of his but I don’t hate George W. Bush like some people. In fact, I question if he can be blamed for Hurricane Katrina. I mean who can stop Mother Nature right?

However even his greatest fans will have to admit he made quite a lot of mistakes during his presidency. The Iraqi War, Iraq's non-weapons of mass destruction, economic meltdown; all happened on his watch. But the worst moment of his presidency was when he was criticized by a loudmouth rapper?

Now that’s getting your priorities right! No wonder his presidency was such a smashing success. His book will be funny if nothing else. I need to go read it.

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