Monday, November 22, 2010

Yes, We Can Judge

Recently, a Singaporean student studying in England was arrested after hardcore child pornography was discovered on his computer. Mr. Jonathan Wong, 23, then plead guilty to 17 charges of making child pornography videos, some featuring girls as young as 6.

Now Mr. Wong has been reported to be remorseful for his actions and some Singaporeans have rallied around him saying it’s not their position to judge him. Why?

People who know me personally know that I’m not lily-white. I accept that everyone has their fetish but even I have to draw a line at child pornography. This is child pornography!

I do not know Mr. Jonathan Wong personally but he seems like a bright man with a good future in front of him. He is also on a teaching scholarship from the MOE (Ministry of Education) at Goodricke College.

That does NOT matter! 50 videos were found in his computer, some files showing 6 years old girls! Of course we as a public, as a society are in a position to judge. If you can’t condemn and judge child pornography, Singapore as a society is in big trouble.


Anonymous said...

what is also pertinent to this case is this man was going to be a teacher. fortunately, he would not be teaching six-yr-olds, but he could well be teaching female minors. this raises red flags, as he could use his position to demand sexual acts in exchange for marks.

Ghost said...

He's on a teaching course but that doesn't mean he will be a teacher. Luckily, that's no longer an option for him.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many men or women in "white" vocations, are guilty of being "human"...

We cannot judge him.
We are not God.

Ghost said...

Sorry but this is CHILD pornography. Being involved in child pornography is not being "human",it's being sick. We might not be God, but sex with 6 year old girls? We can judge that.