Saturday, December 4, 2010

Comics this week

Brightest Day #15- In Brightest Day, writers Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi seems to have decided that Martian Manhunter will be the Batman of the cast. It’s good to see J’onn use his detective skills, even if it’s just a mental battle. A good issue with the only drawback being the return of Firestorm.

Heroes for Hire #1- I was never a fan of Heroes for Hire, both the Iron Fist/Power Man and the Colleen Wing/Misty Knight versions just didn’t interest me. However after their great work in the cosmic section of Marvel, I thought I give writers Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning a chance and try out Heroes for Hire #1. The end result is mixed. Don’t get me wrong, this was a highly entertaining book. There was some high octane action, the art by Brad Walker was good, and the way the heroes work together was interesting. However in the end, this was just too much like Birds of Prey. The twist at the end (and the darker tones) saved it for being actually like Birds of Prey but there was no disguising where Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning got their idea from. I mean Misty Knight even went under the name of "Controller!" Still there’s no way to go but up after “Shadowlands” so it’s a good start for Marvel.

Taskmaster #4- Let me say this one more time to Marvel; “Taskmaster is a VILLAIN!” Not only is he a villain, he is a villain that teaches other villains. That’s what he is, that’s what fans love about him! He is NOT a former S.H.I.E.L.D agent with memory problems! That’s NOT what fans like about him. N’uff said.

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