Monday, December 6, 2010

Make Things Big?

A few days ago, a local celebrity in Singapore, Mr. Pierre Png, was accused of being a road bully by another motorist. According to the motorist, Mr Png’s car swerved into his driving lane and he had to slam his brakes to avoid an accident. When he honked at Mr. Png’s car, the actor stopped his Mercedes car in the middle of the Pan Island Expressway and came out of the car to confront him. The motorist even put up a photo of Mr Png coming out of his stationary car.

When told of the accusations, Mr. Png naturally defended himself that he is a reckless driver and a road bully. In fact, the actor accused the motorist of being the one who was driving dangerously. According to the actor, he had signalled his intention to switch lanes but when he tried to do so, the other motorist suddenly sped up to close the gap even though he was more than 2 car lengths behind him.

Now this is a simple case of “he says, he says.” Singaporeans drivers are infamous for not giving way to anyone and Mr Png should have known better than to signal before changing lanes. He did the right thing on paper, but in Singapore where drivers don’t give way…

However the funniest thing about the whole incident is the other motorist. When informed by reporters of Mr. Png defense, the motorist refused to give his name as “he don’t want to make things big.”

Too late my friend! You put a photograph on the internet and you “don’t want to make things big?” Talk about a joke! This unnamed motorist remained me of all those people who complain about taxi-drivers and bus-drivers but refused to leave down any name or contact no. You want to mess with other people’s ricebowl but don’t even have the guts to leave down a name?

As an actor and celebrity, Mr. Png will be affected by this publicity and it will affect any future projects he may or may not received. Furthermore if you don’t want to make things big, why the hell did the motorist put a photograph on the internet?

Well, I hope the motorist is really to make things big now because Mr Png also took a photo of his car and now intend to make a police report on the matter. Frankly speaking, the moment the motorist put the photograph on the internet, he was just asking for it.

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