Sunday, December 19, 2010

Do Better Sweden!

As WikiLeaks continued to release U.S. diplomatic cables to the world, pressure continued to be put on its founder Julian Assange. As Bank of America became the latest U.S. company to stop accepting payment for WikiLeaks, Sweden has released information on the rape charges against Mr. Assange.

As the Singapore government is no friend of Mr. Assange right now, the Strait Times newspaper has been more than happy to give a full page to the charges. There’s only one problem; this is a clear example of how NOT to charge someone with rape!

According to what I read so far, I’m amazed that charges were ever filed against Mr. Assange. Maybe rape has a different definition in the Swedish language but to a man in Singapore, the rape charges are a joke. No force was used, no one was hurt, both women accusing Mr. Assange parted with him on friendly terms, one woman had lunch with Mr. Assange on the day AFTER the alleged rape, the other woman agreed that she had consensual sex with Mr. Assange, both women only accused Mr. Assange of rape AFTER speaking with each other and comparing stories, and the basis of the rape charges seems to be because Mr. Assange did not use a condom on both occasions.

As a man who knows next to nothing about Swedish law, is having sex without using condoms illegal in Sweden? If that’s the case, what’s the birth-rate there? If the Swedish prosecutor wants to convince the world they are NOT part of a conspiracy against Mr. Assange, my goodness do a better job than this!

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