Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Pot and The Kettle

At first it was funny, but now this has become ridiculous. Ever since WikiLeaks started to release secret US diplomatic cables, the whistleblower site has been facing pressure from America and its allies.

Threats have been made against WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange by U.S politicians (even presidential hopefuls) and there’s even a trumped up rape charge against him. Stupid since the leaks doesn’t contain anything that damaging to America.

However things have gone one step further with cyber-attacks against the WikiLeaks site and government pressure against servers hosting WikiLeaks. In the past few days, WikiLeaks had to jump from the Amazon server in the U.S to three new addresses in Holland, Germany and Finland as governments are pressing to ban WikiLeaks. France's Industry Minister Eric Besson has already called for WikiLeaks to be banned from French servers, and the list of American politicians threatening to act against any American company hosting WikiLeaks is too long to be put up here.

I can only say this to all these people; I never want to hear any complains from the West about China’s Great Firewall, censorship or unfair reporting by state newspapers ever again. Things are going too far. Julian Assange has been arrested in the U.K due to that trumped up rape charge and even a Swiss bank account of his has been closed due to government pressure.

It’s a simple case of the pot and the kettle. By showing their colors, Western governments are no longer in any position to call anyone else "black". Now if only they could act this way against real problems like global climate change and the global recession instead of one man releasing undamaging secrets.


Anonymous said...

excellent comment. a well deserved sock in the eye to all those sanctimonious creatures who claim they have freedom of speech! NYAH to these two-faced worms, which are now wriggling in discomfort.

Ghost said...

I'm just waiting for the day when China, Iran or some other country arrest a reporter. Let's see the freedom of speech argument then.