Tuesday, December 21, 2010

European Laws Are Insane!

Regular readers of my blog know that at times I find the law in Singapore to be confusing, and at times down right stupid. However recent events lead to conclude something else; Singapore law makes much more sense than the laws of Europe!

The laws of Europe are insane! Before you disagree with me, let me show you 2 examples;

Example A) Singaporean student, Mr. Jonathan Wong, 23, plead guilty after police in the United Kingdom found 50 child pornography videos in his computer. What’s his punishment for pleading guilty to 17 charges of making child pornography videos in the United Kingdom?

A 6 months imprisonment sentence that was suspended for two years! That means he will walk free despite being guilty of being a child pornographer!

Example B) Information was leaked to the press on why rape charges were filed against Mr. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. Now it seems that rape charges were filed because Mr. Assange had unprotected sex with the 2 women and then refused to have an AIDS test. The 2 women then filed rape charges because “they want peace of mind.”

This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard of. Man and woman meet. Man and woman have sex. Man refused to have an AIDS test. That means the man is raping the woman?

Another thing is that if the 2 women want “peace of mind,” then why not do the AIDS test on themselves? If Mr. Assange did the test and don’t have AIDS, that doesn’t mean they don’t have AIDS (unless both were virgins). If Mr. Assange did the test and do have AIDS, that doesn’t mean the women have AIDS either because they may not be infected. This is the reason why rape charges were filed? Are those guys in Sweden for real?

The laws of Europe are insane! A man who refused to have an AIDS test is charged with rape while a convicted child pornographer walk free after getting a suspended sentence! Someone tell me I’m wrong!

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