Sunday, February 6, 2011

Comics this week

Brightest Day #19- At the end of last issue, the White Ring destroyed Hawkman and Hawkwoman. As the bearer of the ring, Deadman demanded the reason from the White Ring. Amazingly, the White Ring exactly started to tell him why! Yes, after 18 issues writers Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi have finally decided to (slowly) let the cat out of the bag. There’s still a lot of questions but with the end of the series coming, better late than never. The bulk of this issue however is on Aquaman, Jackson, Black Manta and Siren. A straightforward battle between the two sides, this issue is in keeping with a trend in recent issues; more battles involving one of the main characters for the entire issue. As long as they keep that up, Brightest Day will end with a bang!

DC Universe Online: Legends #1- Based on the recently released action-MMO, DC Universe Online, I thought DC Universe Online: Legends was going to be a series that’s designed to cash in on the video game. I was pleasantly surprised however by this first issue. Set in one of the 52 worlds (I think), DCU Online: Legends come across as an entertaining fast-paced comic book with a lot of potential. If you look at it as a “What If” or “Elseworlds” series, it exactly has a very interesting premise. What if Lex Luthor and Brainiac team-up and managed to kill Superman? Brainiac comes up with the plan while Luthor provide the resources to build Brainiac's enforcer robots. Together they managed to kill Superman and defeat the heroes of the DCU. After that, Brainiac betrayed Luthor and want Earth for himself. Luthor then find himself in the unlikely position of hero as he attempt to rally the remaining heroes and villains of the DC Universe against Brainiac. The last page of this issue show the motley crew he managed to recruit and writers Marv Wolfman and Tony Bedard made some good choices there. The characters they choose give the issue an international feel and remains the reader that this is an international incident; that Brainiac is going after the whole world. Like I said; very interesting.

Secret Six #30 – After last issue’s crossover with Action Comics, this issue comes with another crossover with the Doom Patrol. As much as I dislike crossovers, writer Gail Simone had great fun with this issue. Scandal arranged a blind date for Bane which turned out hilariously, better yet Bane even got the girl! Simone threw jokes left, right and centre, not all of them worked but enough that this was one of the better issues of Secret Six in some time. Now they just have to change the artist. Jim Calafiore’s style just isn’t working for this series.

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