Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Scary Image

The picture above shows the top half of the world covered by snow and ice. It is almost unrecognizable right? Well, get use to it because this picture is not a fake.

This is not a picture of a coming ice age or an artist’s painting of the world; this is an actual image of the Earth on February 3, 2011. Released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), the astonishing picture shows the Northern Hemisphere almost totally covered with snow and ice. That was the day when a severe winter storm hit almost half of North America.

As scary as the picture is, it still only tell half the story. What the picture does not say is that bad weather also hit people in the Southern Hemisphere. There’s Cyclone Yasi that hit Australia, the volcano eruption in Indonesia, the drought in the Amazon Rainforest…scary isn’t it?


Natalie said...

Scary? No way! That's totally neat! And we got to go sledding, woot! Great find.

Anonymous said...

I thought there's global warming where ice at the poles are supposed to be MELTING???

Ghost said...

The polar ice melts and the cold air need to go somewhere right. We may be seeing more of this in the future because as there is will be less polar ice in the future, and as it melts, the cold air will go south.