Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Protesting Against...?

Last week, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak called it quits after 2 weeks of protest from his people. After his downfall, people from Iran to Bahrain to Yemen are protesting against their government.

Yet there is little news coverage for these protests. Now some will argue that this is fatigue; after Egypt all these protests looks small in comparison. True in a sense because of how important Egypt is, but I think the reason is even simpler than that.

No one know what the protesters are protesting against! I mean Bahrain? Anyone knows what they are protesting against there? I doubt even the protesters know because I read that Bahrain's protesters don't want to overthrow the ruling family. They want more powers for the parliament and to break the monarchy's grip on senior government posts.

Maybe there's something wrong with the news reports because I always thought that's what a monarchy is. Monarchy means the ruling family have a grip on all the important posts in government! That's a monarchy!

In Egypt things were simple. They wanted President Hosni Mubarak out. All these other Middle East protests, what the protesters want is still up in the air.

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