Friday, February 25, 2011

Only In Malaysia!

Even within Southeast Asia, Malaysian courts have a reputation for ridiculousness (cough, Anwar, cough). However this latest case I read is so funny even Malaysians are laughing about it.

A Malaysian man was fined RM1,500 for scratching his private parts. Now when I first read the headlines, I thought he was a molester or something but it turn out this wasn’t the case.

The man, Mr. Ahmad Hairul Nizam Hussin, was in his own house when he scratched his private parts after a morning bath. A female neighbor who was hanging clothes along the corridor of her home saw him through his open window and bam!

Mr. Ahmad said that he never knew the woman was even there, much less looking into his house. Considering that he did this at 6am in the morning, that seem extremely reasonable. Too bad for him the judge didn’t think so. Faced with a default three months' jail term, Mr. Ahmad wisely just pleaded guilty to outraging the modesty of the 41-year-old school teacher and paid a RM1,500 fine.

Now Mr. Ahmad do not dispute the fact that he had exposed his genitals to the woman but come on! This happen at 6am in the morning in his own house, so is it that unreasonable to believe that this was an accident?

Whatever happen to live and let live? I can’t believe something like this can even get to court, much less that the judge issued a RM1,500 fine on it. Hopefully, only in Malaysia!


Natalie said...

Geez, shouldn't there be some sort of invasion of privacy counter-suit filed against the neighbor? (I'm not generally for suing but tit for tat seems fair!) There should be a reasonable expectation of privacy if one is in one's own house. Maybe he could use the proceeds to buy curtains...or move to a less nosy neighborhood, for crying out loud!

Ghost said...

Only in Malaysia Natalie, only in Malaysia (I hope).