Monday, February 28, 2011

3x Increase

The biggest story in Singapore football these few days is current Singapore captain Shahril Ishak who recently signed with Indonesian football club Medan Chiefs. Along with national defender Baihakki Khaizan, Shahril signed with the Indonesian club in a 2 year deal that’s worth about $15,000 per month.

Compare to Europe this deal may not seem like much, but in this region this is a big deal. In Singapore, both footballers may only get around $4,000-$5000 a month. However not everyone is happy about the deal. The problem is that Medan Chief plays in the breakaway Indonesia Premier League, a league that is not sanctioned by the country's football association. This means that Shahril and Bhaihakki may not be able to play for the Singapore national team as they are playing in a non-sanctioned league.

The media in Singapore has been critical of the duo for putting their interest before their duty to play for the Singapore national football team. However most players (and ex-players) in Singapore support the duo decision to sign with Medan Chiefs. I add my voice in support. Come on, this club is offering the duo a 3 times increase in salary for the next 2 years and you expect them to say “No”? If someone headhunt me and offers me a 3 times increase in salary, I will resign my job immediately.

Come on, this is Singapore! This is a non-country, as stated by our leaders, so do you truly think the duo will put representing their non-country before their careers? In this non-country, money comes before loyalty.

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