Saturday, February 26, 2011

Comics this week

Brightest Day #20- With the series winding down, writers Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi have well and truly dial up the action. Aquawar conclude the fight between Aquaman, Jackson, Black Manta and Siren. A very well choreographed battle between the two sides made interesting by 2 things; the introduction of Mera and Aquagirl, and how kick ass Aquaman truly is. It’s been awhile since we saw Aquaman summoning an army of sea life to aid him and the page where he finally did it was great. This issue also hints at why the White Ring return the 12 heroes and villains to life. With its end coming, Brightest Day is getting better and better.

X-23 #6- Every hero need a villain. Batman has Joker, Captain America has the Red Skull, and it look like X-23 will have Mr. Sinister. Personally I’m not sure about this. I understand you pretty much need a big bad villain in the series that is introducing a relatively new character to the public but I would much prefer writer Marjorie Liu to let X-23 find her feet first. Throwing a big villain like Mr. Sinister into the fray immediately may be a problem. Basically, I fear X-23 may be overshadowed by the villain. Hopefully that will not be case and I am truly hopeful because thus far, Liu has done good work with the series.

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