Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Too Fast

I never watched last week’s Superbowl. Personally I think American Football is one of the most boring to watch sports on the planet, I mean they stop for 30seconds after EVERY play! At least! How do Americans managed to sit through 3-4 hours of a game?

So I don’t bother to watch the game but even then I read about singer Christina Aguilera screwing up of the American national anthem. Embarrassing but things like that happen right? You messed up a few words but it’s not really a big deal.

What is a big deal was how fast information traveled! I read that the incident was updated on Christina Aguilera’s Wikipedia page…by the third quarter of the game! I mean the page was updated before the game was anywhere near over. Since a game of American Football can last a few hours, I can understand this but Wikipedia depend on volunteers!

So this means a non-paying member of the public went through the trouble and updated the incident on Wikipedia on his own while the game was on and this happen like an hour after the incident. I know information travel fast nowadays but isn’t this almost too fast!

I just hope the guy who updated the incident on Wikipedia just found the game too boring (totally understandable) and wanted something to do something else. If not, instead of “too much information,” in the future we will have “too fast information”!


Natalie said...

Dude. Two reasons American football is not boring. #1. Athleticism. In HD, even a casual watcher like myself can see how amazing it is. #2. Football is social time. You laugh, you drink, you groan and cheer. It is worth all the hype? Who cares! :)

Ghost said...

To each his own I guess. I just remember the first time I tried to watch a game of American Football (I think it was also a SuperBowl), I almost fell asleep.

Natalie said...

Blame your friends, not the game. :) You'll laugh, then, when I say my preferred sport is baseball...that's usually the sport we Yanks get grief over, generally from cricket-loving Brits...oy. Nothing against cricket, mind you, but how it can be considered an exciting game to watch is beyond you say, to each his own. Obviously the entire country of India can't be wrong!

Ghost said...

Oh yes they can! Cricket is another sleep-inducing sport. 5 day Test series? A match that last 5 days? For real?