Monday, March 21, 2011

If They Are Okay With It...

Over the weekend, Singapore newspapers reported Madam Alice Tan, a 64 year old Singaporean retiree, lost $12,000 at a Singapore casino. What really got Singapore’s attention however was that she lost the money over six days without once stepping out of the casino!

Since then, most Singaporeans had been critical of the behavior of the woman. Now, I am also uneasy about her behavior. Gambling for 6 straight days without showering or changing of clothes cannot be healthy for her, much less having just 4 hours of sleep per day during her marathon casino session.

But guess what; I can’t really complain about it. I don’t know the woman, she isn’t harming anyone, and the most important fact; her family is okay with her “hobby.” I don’t know why but if her family is okay with her spending 6 straight days in the casino, who are we (complete strangers) to say anything?

Guess all we can do is to wish her better luck on her next 6 day gambling binge.

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