Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Using Common Sense

So a scientist from NASA claimed that he found tiny fossils of alien life in the remnants of a meteorite. So what?

Frankly I don’t see what the big deal is on Richard Hoover’s claim of that he found the fossils of microscopic earthworm-like creatures. There are hundreds of thousands of planets out there, so I don’t understand why some people are still skeptical of alien life.

Mind you that’s just planets, not including moons, meteors, comets etc. Even if you believe in god, it would take supreme arrogance to believe that Earth is the ONLY planet to have life.

Yes, I admit arrogance is something of a human trait but then so is common sense. And common sense tells people that in term of sheer numbers, odds are that there are life out there beyond Earth.


Atlanta Roofing said...

Mr Hoover, he was a strong supporter of the Viking experiments which seemed to prove that there were organic materials in the Martian surface. The results are widely considered to be due to something other than that, but he persisted. And hope he is right this time. It would be great news.

Ghost said...

He might still be right on he Viking experiments. At best, those experiments were considered "inconclusive". Still, the odds are on his side. There are so many planets, moons etc out there, there almost has to be life somewhere other than Earth.

AJOHOR said...

Just refer you to statistics, such a infinistiemal chance means that it is practically impossible, that is why DNA is used in court.

Ghost said...

Unfortunately there will be people who will not accept alien life unless you get a living, breathing specimen for them to see. Even then, I think some one will cry, “That’s not life, not intelligent life!”