Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why America Won't Do It

With Muammar Gaddafi's forces successfully winning back territory in the civil war in Libya, there are now calls for the United Nations (UN) to impose a no-fly zone in Libya. This is because Gaddafi has been using his air force to good effect, attacking rebel positions and infrastructures in rebel territory.

So at the Security Council, Britain and France are pushing for a no-fly zone to take away Gaddafi's advantage in the air. The United States of America is far less interested in the no-fly zone.

Now some people believe this is because as the Americans are embroiled in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, they do not wish to get into another war in Libya. This may be true as any no-fly zone in Libya has to start with an attack on Libya itself. However I think the real reason why the Americans had been so reluctant is far simpler; they have the best air force in the world!

Think about it; the western powers (Britain and France mainly) are complaining about someone else using overwhelming air power to score victories on the ground!

Anyone remember what was the opening move of America in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? They used overwhelming air power to hit enemy’s position to open the way for their army.

That is exactly what Gaddafi is doing in Libya. So does anyone truly expect the Americans to agree to a no-fly zone? I sure as hell don’t!

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