Saturday, March 19, 2011

Radiation Fears

The Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan is still having problems after last week’s earthquake and tsunami and there is a lot of fear about radiation spreading beyond Japan. Singapore is not immune to the fears.

So much so that the National Environment Agency (NEA) in Singapore had to release a statement stating that there were no abnormal levels in the radiation levels in Singapore. Frankly I think the public is unduly worried about nothing. Singapore is so far away from Japan even if there is a nuclear explosion there, the chances of it reaching Singapore and causing harm to us is so small I think I have a better chance of hitting Toto first!

So people in Singapore; stop sending text messages and emails about carrying umbrella and wearing long-sleeve shirts. You are nothing but fear-mongers.


Anonymous said...



Me played toto since it started operation. Have not even smell it's second prize.

No radiactive contamination?
It is too early to conclude, me says.


Ghost said...

Oh there will be radiactive contamination, but enough to reach Singapore? At a level to harm Singaporeans? I don't think so.