Monday, March 28, 2011

New Technology We Do Not Need

Scottish researchers from Edinburgh University have reported that they along with researchers from Konkuk University and Seoul National University, had created a device which improves the memory storage for technology including MP3s, smartphones and cameras.

It is supposed to be a new approach that increased the operating speed of the devices by translating data into electrical signals. It is all great and wonderful. However I have to ask one questions; Do we really mean this?

I mean I know people who uses devices like MP3s and I had never heard of anyone having memory problems. MP3s nowadays has so much storage space, it is almost impossible to fill them totally. Even if someone somehow managed to run out of storage, I should imagined that it wouldn't be hard to delete some garbage to clear storage.

I mean this seem like a wonderful new way of going things but it is an invention we need? From what I know; not really.


Anonymous said...


The discovery is not only applicable for storage devices but can be leverage in the use of computing processing or improvements in data storage for AI systems and even in the use for cutting edge space exploration (creating independent automated "self-thinking" systems with greater data storage thus reducing the "need" of human controllers)...and many other spin-offs storing "one-self" and uploaded into a "clone brain/body" etc and more...the tech/disccovery though is still early days...

But to survive in a hostile universe which is against all "thinking" life forms...we need all the edge that we can get to stay ahead...

Un-like greedy self serving politicians willing to sacrifice humanity for the sake of finite and mortal is not like when one dies one can bring his/her "wealth over".


Good day.

Ghost said...

Sorry but I don't get your comment. The first part make sense, then you went in "greedy self serving politicians willing to sacrifice humanity"?
How you get that from a device that increase memory storage?