Sunday, March 27, 2011

When Will They Go In?

Since it is clear now that there is not a no-fly zone in Libya but an effort to help Libyan rebels defeat Muammar Qaddafi, now comes the obvious question; when are the western troops going in? In my mind, the sooner the better.

It is now clear that the rebels are not organized enough or disciplined enough to take on the troops loyal to Qaddafi. Even with airstrikes backing them up, it took them a week to take the town of Ajdabiyah. This is a town near to the rebel stronghold and in the east of the country. If it took them a week to take a town like Ajdabiyah, I can’t help but wonder how the rebels would do in the west of the country where even the very biased reporters from BBC and CNN all admit are supporting Qaddafi!

Also the rebels had clearly stated that they intend to move west and they will not stop till they reach Tripoli. They will not be able to do it without western help. Since this is not a no-fly zone anyway, and no one wants Libya to be spilt in two; that means there is just one option left. Ground troops; and the sooner the United States and its European allies do it, the faster the war will conclude.

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