Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another DC Revamp

Once upon a time, comics revamp happened once every 10-20 years. Companies would revamp their entire line of superhero comics to draw in new readers and to “keep things fresh”.

Nowadays, it seems that comics revamp comes once 5 years or so. DC Comics is the latest company set to relaunch all their titles. They intend to release 52 new series with new origins for many characters, and new character designs for all of them. The idea is to draw in new readers by making the characters younger.

What else is new right? However there is one rumor that I truly hope is not true. Rumors on the internet say that DC intends to erase continuity in the Superman line by…making Superman single! Lois and Clark never happened; under the revamp, they never got married.

As radical as it sounds, something like this isn’t new. A few years ago, Marvel got rid of Spiderman and Mary Jane's marriage by having Peter Parker make a deal with a devil. It has been years and the writers (and Marvel) are still receiving hate mail on the matter from fans.

So I have to ask; there is no way DC is mad enough to do something as crazy as that…right?

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