Saturday, June 4, 2011

Comics this week

S.H.I.E.L.D #1- The second volume of S.H.I.E.L.D begins where the last volume left off; the war between Isaac Newton and Leonardo Da Vinci is in full swing and Leonid is standing on the sidelines wondering what to do about it. Writer Jonathan Hickman then quickly introduces Michaelangelo’s backstory into the equation, showing him as the mover and shaker of the various events in volume 1. Having some of our questions answers may be satisfying but you know what’s the best part of this issue? The various characters page at the back! Volume 1 was such a confusing mess in storytelling that I’m glad that Hickman and Marvel added the characters pages. Without it, I would still have no idea what had happened in volume 1. If you have collected the first volume and had no idea what the story was about; pick up this issue. The summary pages will explain all.

X-23 #11- This is more like it. Last issue, I said that I found Wolverine and Jubilee guest-starring roles to be useless. Now I still find Wolverine’s presence to be useless but at least there’s a reason for Jubilee to be here. Having a girlfriend for X-23 might be a good idea as thus far, X-23’s life has been filled and ruled by the men around her. The shopping scene between Jubilee and X-23 was great. Jubilee worked so well maybe writer Marjorie Liu could consider making her a regular.

Secret Six #34– Finally out of hell, the Six got down to business immediately by hunting down the sociopath who unfortunately kidnapped and tortured Scandal’s girlfriend Liana. Payback’s a bitch as the Six gleefully tortured and then killed the man. Writer Gail Simone seem to be having a wonderful time as the characters bonded over their time in hell. This was a great issue so I find it quite sad that the series is ending due to an editorial imposed reboot of the DCU. I think there’s still a lot of stories to be told about the Six and hopefully we would get to read those stories sooner or later.

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