Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Neither New Nor Radical

So the Obedient Wives Club (OWC) has finally come to Singapore. The Malaysian-based OWC is an Islamic group that promotes the idea that a wife has to be totally obedient to her husband in all aspects, including in sex.

Since it was reported that OWC is opening a branch in Singapore, there has been many people who has taken a stand against the group. Groups like “The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore” (Muis), Young Women Muslim Association (PPIS) and feminist group Aware have all came out against OWC saying that their views are contrary to Islamic teachings and "demean women and the concept of family'.

I have to ask, “Why all the hate?”

I don’t get it. OWC is a brand new group which is not even a year old promoting an idea, which although looks out-of-date, that is not new. Say what you want but the idea of wives being obedient to their husband is hardly new in any Asian society. In fact, you can even call it an old, traditional idea. It is hardly new or radical.

Some people are saying that OWC itself is a radical group but I have yet to hear the reason behind that thinking. Frankly, they are just too new for anyone to label them a radical group and their “ideology” is hardly new or radical. Especially when the “wife has to be totally obedient to her husband” idea seems to be the only “ideology” they have!

I can’t understand what’s so controversial about the Obedient Wives Club. When I first read about it in the papers, I had a chuckle because they seem like a funny little group. I could understand why in our modern times, with our modern Western thinking, some will be offended by their “ideology” but the criticism has gone too far.

This is Asia! Being an obedient wife or wanting an obedient wife are hardly new or radical ideas.


Anonymous said...

Calling all obedient wifes:


Anonymous said...

My sincerest apologies to all the obedient wives and not wifes

Anonymous said...

For the over seventies(in age),
it is only right and proper for
wife to be obedient.
It is traditional and almost
universal except in matriarchal countries.

Ghost said...

Which is why I say the ideas of OWC are neither new or radical. There shouldn't be such a fuss about the group.