Friday, December 9, 2011

Achilles Heel?

Since last week, Iran had proudly announced that they had bought down a U.S. spy drone over Iran and the claims were quickly rebutted by the Americans who said that drone in question crashed over Afghanistan due to a malfunction.

In a move that’s sure to cause red faces in the Pentagon, the Iranians broadcasted a video of the U.S. spy drone…that looked intact! So much to the idea of it crashing!

However, I would be more worried over the Iranian claims of HOW they bought down the drone. The Iranians claim that they electronically hijacked the drone and bought it down in a controlled descent. If that is true, and there’s no reason to think otherwise as the drone is intact, then American officials may have to redraw their entire strategy for combat surveillance.

If unmanned U.S. reconnaissance plane can be hijacked in the middle of a mission, then they can’t be used. It’s that simple and that would changed any plans the U.S. has for an attack on Iran. It would seem that the massive technological advantage the American military has might becomes its Achilles heel.

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