Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stranger Than Fiction

So America flew a spy drone over Iran. So Iran bought the spy drone down. Now America…asked the Iranians to return the spy drone that was used to spy on them?

I thought this was a joke when I first read it but evidentially it’s true. President Obama himself said that the United States had asked Iran to give the downed American reconnaissance plane back.

Fact is truly stranger than fiction. The Iranians has rejected the request with its state media poking fun at the American’s expense. I agree with them.

What is God’s name made the American believed for a second the Iranians (and the rest of the world) won’t laugh their guts out upon hearing the request? Hell, I am.


Anonymous said...

Obama is a lawyer president
who thinks he can use his law
practice into the enemy's
He may not be dumb in making
that demand for he has the
option of sending fighter jets
instead of drones. And he may have the gut to do it.

Ghost said...

If Obama attack Iran, then he'll be truly stupid. He just got out of Iraq (which is at beat a draw), still in a war with the Taliban and now he want to attack Iran which is more powerful than Iraq and the Taliban put together? That doesn't take guts, it requires stupidity!

Anonymous said...

Obama needs not use the American Forces to deal with Iran, he is likely to use proxy(ies).

All that Obama needs to do is instigate.

Ghost said...

It still requires stupidity because Obama need some pretty stupid proxies to attack Iran on his behalf.