Monday, December 19, 2011

Needs vs Wants

With a rising China come increasing territorial disputes between Beijing and its Asian neighbors. Most of these disputes are just a sign of China showing its muscle as its claims to most of them are “historical”; in the longest sense of the word.

This is a problem for the United States as it now has to face an increasing assertive China while its economy is in the doldrums. With the problem of a tighter budget, US Navy now expects to station several combat ships in Singapore.

Now while I like the idea of the United States been increasingly vocal about defending freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, I’m not in favor of the stationing of combat ships in Singapore. The main reason is that this is not our fight.

Yes, I know it sounds a little contradictory but the main thing is that Singapore has no territorial disputes (yet) with China. In fact, China is one of our biggest trading partners. So I don’t see how hosting combat ships from the US Navy benefit Singapore. Also, the United States has some 70,000 troops stationed in Japan and South Korea and a military presence in the Philippines and Thailand.

You can say that the United States don’t really “need” to station ships in Singapore. And you can also say Singapore don’t really “need” to have US combat ships in Singapore. Both parties may want to but there’s no real need for the ships to be in Singapore. So…why should Singapore host them?


denk said...

why does singapore let in us warships ?

have'u heard of the *asian nato* ?
singapore was counted in right from the start
in case u havent noticed, *naato* has been very active playing war games in china's front yard these days
this is the eight nation alliance redux, with the whole fucking asia in tow !

Ghost said...

If you think of how aggressive China is right now about the various disputes its in, it's only natural everyone is on their guard. I can understand that but it's just that it got nothing to do with Singapore. Singapore is one of the few country in the Asia-Pacific that got no dispute with China so why should we get involved?

denk said...

*Singapore is one of the few country in the Asia-Pacific that got no dispute with China so why should we get involved?*

if this *asian nato* takes on china
the singapore navy might be obliged to fire missiles at the fujian coastal towns !

besides, violence by whiteys against singaporeans would be exacerbated n dont forget the gringos would enjoy immunity from local jurisdiction
ever heard about
sofa ?

as for china's sudden *agressivesness*, thats what they tell u in the straits times, cnn, washington post innit ?
but inquiring mind wants to know.....

Ghost said...

China's sudden movement is not something that us just told in the Straits Times & CNN. It's something told in Manila, Seoul, Tokyo, Hanoi, Taipei etc.

denk said...

*China's sudden movement is not something that us just told in the
Straits Times & CNN. It's something told in Manila, Seoul, Tokyo, Hanoi, Taipei etc*

1] where do u read about these countries version of events ?
thats right , thru the st, cnn, fox news !!

2] japan, sk, are u.s. client states
n i dont have to tell u japan has been hostile to china ever since their pirates terrorised china's coastal townships in fujian

vn, philppines are the main rivals in the scs dispute all the above are not unbiased observers

3] did u notice the timeline ?
the amerikkans organised this naato thingee way back in 2004
long before the current flare up in the scs
tension has been escalating ever since
it starts to boil over after amerikka's high profile *re-engagement* with asia

we dont know what is really going on out there, who's the provocateur ?
we've only *news* report from st n its ilks
based on one sided narratives from china's antagonists
but we've our critical thinking

inquiring mind want to know....
how come china had no problems with small neighbours like nepal,
pakistan, buhtan, burma etc
if china is such a *bully* as depicted in the western media n the st,
why hasnt it run roughshod over its tiny defenceless neighbours,
instead of *bullying* amerikka's allies japan, sk, vn, phillippines, all armed to the teeth except philippines, backed by the world's sole hyper power ?

before u.s. *re-engagement* with asia
asia was a picture of harmony.
china was doing brisk biz with asean, the scs issue was put on hold.
the sunshine policy was in full swing in sk,
china n japan had reached an unwritten understanding to avoid confrontation in the east china sea,
china n india were moving towards rapprochement

the day uncle sham gate crashed the asian party,
poof, china’s front yard, back yard n inner compound went up in flame overnight
nk, sk are on war footing, every tom, dick n harry…..the viets, philippinos,
japs, koreans, indians start picking fights with china, hans n muslims huis got bashed up in tibet, hans got chopped up in xinjiang, the burmese turn their back on their staunchest ally n now, the traditionally friendly thais butchering chinese.
meanwhile, china’s energy sources like sudan, libya, angola etc are
falling like ten pins under the r2p onslaugh
chinese working on oversea projs are dying like frys, targeted by *insurgents*, *muslim terrarists*
bombs going off every other days , major industrial *accidents* , coal mines mishaps become daily headlines, nuns performing *self
immolation* in tibet etc , riots in the cities ?

i am not saying china's claim is all legit n the chinese are blameless in the dispute
i'm just saying we should take the narrative from these western oriented media n these members of asian nato with a pinch of salt
dont swallow it hook line n sinker
use our critical thinking

anyway, at least we agree that singapore has absolutely no dog in the fight n should stay the hell out of it
i shall leave it at that

Ghost said...

Sorry denk but you are wrong. China has many disputes at their Western borders also.
- China, Nepal and India are disputing Aksai Chin (part of Jammu and Kashmir)
- China and Bhutan are disputing areas in Tibet which had been Bhutanese enclaves for decades if not longer. Also Bhutan's highest mountain, Kula Kangri, is also claimed by China.
And these are just the ones I know of!
I am glad that you agree with me on the fact Singapore has no dog in this fight. On that, we are in full agreement.

denk said...

happy new yr

Ghost said...

To you and everyone too! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year