Friday, December 30, 2011

Comics this week

I, Vampire #4- The surprise hit of the New 52 hit a road bump this issue. Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov continues the tale of master vampire Andrew and while the story was fine, it also felt a little forced. John Constantine guest-star in this issue and it was totally unnecessary. Also having the dead vampire being the long-lost father of Tig was…well, kind of tacky in my view. It’s only been 4 issues but between his story and Andrea Sorrentino’s art, things seems fine to me. There’s no need for Fialkov to use stunts and surprise guest-stars for the series.

FF #13- At the end of this issue, writer Jonathan Hickman gave Dr. Doom a great line. “I am Doom, Destroyer of Worlds.” It was a massive line which deserved better. The line got all life sucked out of it because of the terrible artwork. Marvel is having some serious problem on its hands due to the success of DC’s New 52 and having an artist like Juan Bobilo is not going to help them. I’m a fan who is more interested in reading the stories than the artwork but even to me, the artwork in this series is terrible. The children looked the same to me which is saying something when some of them are not even humans! That’s how bad the art is here.

DC Universe Online: Legends #20- The cover of this issue had the tagline, “Batman vs The Dark Knight”. Seem like a winner right? Totally wrong! The problem of the artwork and story not jelling came back again. At the end of the issue when Batman took out the Society; I have no idea what happened. Did the ground explode below them? Was a grenade thrown? How did a single explosion took out everyone, including Black Adam? This series has been terrible for the past 3 issues and that is truly disappointing when the series had such a bright start.

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