Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Price Increase Non-Event

Singapore's largest taxi operator ComfortDelGro has raised taxi fares and, as is usually the case in Singapore, this means other taxi operators will soon follow suit. This means it will cost more for commuters to take taxis from now on.

Price rises are never a good thing but to me…I don’t see why Singaporeans are so unhappy about it. Personally, I always thought taxis are something you take once in a blue moon as the public transport system in Singapore (buses, MRT) can get you practically in Singapore.

The price increase is for taxis, not buses. If Singaporeans are truly that unhappy about it…take the bus!


Anonymous said...

Some people need to take taxi to bring their babies or elderly folks.

Anonymous said...

Cedric Foo says it is a free market. If one taxi company charge too high can always take a different taxi that charge lower.

Ghost said...

Thus far, I don’t it as a problem. To the vast majority of Singaporeans, taxis are not a “need” but a “want”. If Singaporeans “need” the taxis, then they must pay for it. So far none of the other taxi companies has announced a price increase so Singaporeans can still choose what taxis to take.

Anonymous said...

It's not a matter of needs and wants, it's all about the reasoning and principle of the whole matter. If going by your reasoning, raising taxi fares to $10 for flag down will also not matter, but the question is is it fair?

I don't take taxi because I drive. But raising taxi fairs does have ripple effect and at the end of the day will affect everyone. Only thing is if you are millionaire or born with a silver spoon, you will probably not feel anything.

Ghost said...

Personally I’m always surprised how much principals suddenly matters to Singaporeans when money is coming out of their pockets. The bottom-line is simple; if you think the fares are too high, then DON’T TAKE TAXIS! Is that truly so difficult of a task? I don’t think so.

harrybicon said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi. The correct term in your context is actually principle* and not principal.

There was a taxi price hike a couple of years back. They were all up in arms for a few months. Thereafter, it was business-as-usual.

As much as one can complain about price hikes. It is still some of the cheapest taxi services in the OECD and Singaporean's can't live without their luxuries. It is a sad thing to say about one's own countrymen but that is how they are.