Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Amazing But True

Occasionally, there comes a story that's so amazing it just doesn't seem real. Sixteen-year-old Japanese teenager Misaki Murakami found himself in one of these stories this week when his football was found on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

Murakami lost his family home last year when the tsunami hit Japan and swept it away. In the house was his football. More than a year later, that same football was found on a remote Alaskan island. The ball was found by David Baxter on a beach in Middleton Island and his Japanese wife translated the writing on the ball, which included a school name and a "good luck" message. 

Thanks to the news, the discovery of the ball was spread and Murakami came forward as the owner. Debris from the Japanese tsunami has been found before but just look at the map on how far that football went?

Amazing that it could be returned to its rightfull owner after all this time. Truly, this is a case of a story just being too amazing to be true.

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