Saturday, April 14, 2012

Comics this week

Demon Knights #8- With the first story arc over, writer Paul Cornell changed tack and gives us a little background on the trinity that is Jason Blood, Madame Xanadu and Etrigan. The flashback shows the intriguing connection between the 3 and how they came to an agreement between themselves. The fun comes when the readers has to decide which version is the “right” one. The story as told by Xanadu and Etrigan are similar but also very different and the real truth was never given. Which is great! I also like the way Cornell handled the Arthur mythos. Various Camelots throughout history with kings who were named in various versions of “Arthur”? There is a goldmine of stories right there. This issue is a great jumping point if you are interested in one the New 52 best series.

Green Lantern #8- Since Geoff Johns introduced the concept of various corps within the emotional spectrum, the Indigo Tribe has been without question the most mysterious of the lot. In this issue, we begin to see why. Although the Tribe had been on the side of the angels thus far, we now begin to see a slightly different, more horrible side to them. I think this is great. Johns has been trying to show there are 2 sides to everything and there is good and bad in all the corps (the Black not included). Even the Green Lantern Corp hasn’t been spared on this so I think the Tribe should have the same treatment as well. The slightly creepy, horror feel to this issue is great and I hope Johns don’t drop the ball next issue by going all action on us. This tone seems perfect for the Indigo Tribe.

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