Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nuclear Energy

After the earthquake and tsunami last year, you would think this would be a non-issue especially in Japan. Evidentially not because news out of Japan is that their government is still thinking of restarting their nuclear reactors!

Worried about a power crunch in the coming summer, the Japanese government is thinking of restarting some of their nuclear reactors which were shut down last year. This despite the safety worries last year at Fukushima!

The Singapore government has also talk about opening a nuclear reactor in the past, something I’m dead set against and I can’t help but shake my head at this piece of news coming from Japan. It’s amazing to me how short people’s memories are. Nuclear energy is a fool’s choice. Yes, it is suppose to be safer and less polluting than oil or gas but as Fukushima showed, once things goes wrong, they really go wrong!

How can Japan, of all countries, even be thinking of restarting nuclear reactors? That’s ridiculous when Fukushima is still a nuclear zone! It’s going to take them 60+ years before they can make that place safe for people to live in and now barely a year after the crisis, the Japanese government is thinking of restarting reactors? Only the word insanity can describe that decision.

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