Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Trial Of Anders Behring Breivik

A defiant Anders Behring Breivik had his day in court yesterday when he went on trial for killing 77 people in Norway last July. It was the world's deadliest solo shooting spree and, more importantly, it was what he always wanted.

Breivik had openly admitted that the trial in Oslo was what he wanted as he wanted an international platform to promote his ideology. The man posted a 1,500 page manifesto online shortly before the attacks, and Breivik even made a 12-minute anti-Islam film before that. At the trial, he sat stone-face for an hour while prosecutors read aloud a list of names of the dead and injured and only lost his composure when his movie was screened.

What does that tell you? It tells me the man has no remorse for what he did. This man truly believed in his cause and wants the trial to showcase his ideology. It is exactly what he had said before. So...why give it to him?

I mean there is no question he did this. There is no question that he is guilty. I'm amazed the Norwegian people refused to change their no death penalty law for this man but to give the man what he wants is just going too far. I know the court proceedings would be carefully managed by the Norwagian authorities but just showing Breivik in court with that Nazi salute will automatically make him a martyr to their cause. Why have a show-trial where he could become a martyr when there is no question about his guilt at all? Just kill him and be done with it.

I don’t feel good saying this but this man is the reason why countries should have the death penalty. Some people do things so hideous that they deserve to die. Anders Behring Breivik is that man. He killed 77 people in Norway last July. For him, I think Norway should make an exception. Forget the trial. Forget the no death penalty law. Just execute him and move on. Don’t give him what he wants!


Lee said...

'...but just showing Breivik in court with that Nazi salute will automatically make him a martyr to their cause.'

Unfortunately, it wasn't a Nazi salute; it looked more like a Black Power or Communist salute to me.

I reckon he's having fun with the media and people such as yourself who don't seem to be very well informed.

Ghost said...

Nope, it's a Nazi salute alright. It wasn't perfect but everyone, including Breivik's lawyers, agreed on that. So unless you know Breivik better than his lawyers does, you sir are wrong.