Friday, April 20, 2012

Subscription Numbers

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the newest big money multi-player online game on the market right now. As such, there are always some people who want it to fail.

These spoilsports always look for whatever nuggets of information there is to justify their claims that the game is “doomed”, “failed”, or whatever. The latest nugget these idiots have pointed at is a forecast for Star Wars: The Old Republic that subscriptions for the game had peaked at 1.7 million and is expected to drop to around 1.25 million.

Wow! 1.25 million people subscribe to the game and that’s a failure! Guess that means every MMORPG in the world outside World of Warcraft is a failure because that’s the only MMO with a higher subscription number.

People, Star Wars: The Old Republic is a success. Maybe it’s not an overwhelming success but it’s a success all the same. That’s just a fact. Get over it!

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