Thursday, December 5, 2013

Comics this week

Earth 2 #18- Okay, this Batman is definitely not THE Batman. Writer Tom Taylor seem to know what buttons to push to make this series tick as he introduced new version of Aquaman, Jimmy Olsen and Batman. Since taking over the series, Taylor has been trying to stamp his mark on the series and in this issue, he has done so. Aquawoman? James Olsen, the super-hacker? A Batman willing to pop a defenseless Joker? I’m sold!

Hinterland #3- With the success of The Walking Dead, The Y-Man and some others, post-apocalyptic comics is all the rage nowadays. So it’s to the credit of writer Ian Edginton that he managed to put a fresh spin on yet another post-apocalyptic story. Yes, I agree there quite a lot of info dump here but the idea of elves, trolls and goblins taking revenge on the human race after an apocalypse is just cool. I especially like the inside joke Edginton took on the idea of mutants. An easy shot at the number of mutants books on the shelf? Maybe, but it’s still funny as hell.

Inhumanity #1- With the end of Infinity, the Inhumans has been tagged by Marvel as the next BIG thing. Written by Matt Fraction, Inhumanity #1 is supposed to be the start of a brand new franchise that Marvel hope will one day rival the X-Men and Avengers. Considering how many Spiderman, X-Men and Avengers titles they have, this is something Marvel desperately needs. With that in mind, this issue is a positive start. I still hate the idea of multiple artists on one issue (5 in this 1 issue?) but Fraction did a good job balancing the story between the history of the Inhumans and what is happening now with the death of their king, Black Bolt, and the destruction of their city. It’s not without flaws, but there’s enough here to let me give Fraction the benefit of the doubt. I’m interested to see where we go from here, and that’s always a good thing.

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