Thursday, December 12, 2013

Comics this week

Astro City #7- After a series of great short stories, writer Kurt Busiek decided to change things up for the first multi-part arc of this new series. For that, he called back a few old fan-favorites like Samaritan, the Confessor and Winged Victory. However, even though this is the first true-blue superhero story of Astro City, most of this issue is setup with Busiek more focused on filling in the background of Winged Victory. Credit must be given to artist Brent Anderson whose ability to give his characters a range of emotional looks works to perfection in this issue. Without him, this issue would not have worked. However Anderson is here, so this is another solid issue for Astro City.

Justice League of America #10- Since JLA started, Stargirl has been the odd one out as most missions has been done without her. Since Forever Evil started however, writer Geoff Johns seemed to be on a mission to change that. The results have been mixed. Honestly, the flashbacks in this issue just didn’t cut it. Okay, we saw how Courtney got her powers and her strained relationship with her parents but the disconnect between the scenes were telling. Basically, we weren’t given any reason before this issue to care about Stargirl, much less her family. In a world taken over by the Crime Syndicate, why should we care about them of all people? That’s a point this issue never quite made clear. 

Superman/Wonder Woman #3- Of all the new series DC has been putting out recently, I think Superman/Wonder Woman has been the pick of the lot. While artist Tony S. Daniel has delivered some great work thus far in this series, for me the main man is writer Charles Soule. He has showed that he has a great handle on the 2 main characters but in this issue, he also shown how good he is with the supporting cast. Soule not only provide character and relationship development instead of action, he also did it in a way and style that is nothing short of amazing. A nervous Diana who has no idea how relationships work; a chat between friends (Batman and Superman); and (hopefully) a new dynamic between Superman and Zod; Soule showed a steady hand in all aspect of his writing. I have a feeling this series is going to be great. 

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