Monday, December 30, 2013

The Loudmouth Is Right

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has a reputation of being a loudmouth in world football. The captain of the Swedish team had called himself the best player in the world and openly said the World Cup next year will be less of an event because he won’t be there.

The Swedish captain is now in hot soup in his own country after speaking out that people has no right to criticize his country's FA for not giving a new Volvo to women's midfielder Therese Sjogran for earning a record 187 caps. Male midfielder Anders Svensson was granted one for breaking Thomas Ravelli's record of 143 international caps.

Ibrahimovic say it’s only fair that male footballers get more rewards as they faced a higher level of competition and bring in more money. It is a statement that’s totally politically incorrect in Sweden which prides itself on gender equality.

Amazingly, I find myself agreeing with the loudmouth here. Come on Sweden, the fact that male world football is much tougher than women world football is a certainty. Even in obsessive gender equality country like Sweden, men's football gets bigger crowds and support. This means they bring in more sponsorship, money and eyeballs.

Does this means they should get more? Hell yes! I take no pleasure in this but in this case, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is totally right. 


Anonymous said...

Well. wonder if he dare to say this..if he is not a swede..or famous.

Just boycott him..

Ghost said...

He said it because he and the men are bringing in the money and the women want a 50% cut of it when they don't bring in as much. He said it not because he's a Swede or famous; he said it because he's pissed.