Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Sub For Singapore

All (or almost all) Singaporean men must serve two years in the military. Not happy with that, the SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) just announced that they are buying two new submarines from German defence contractor ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems.

Although the total cost was not announced, the SAF was more than happy to say the deal included a logistics package and a crew training arrangement in Germany while the German firm said the propulsion system of the new sub will significantly increases the submarine's underwater range.

Good, fine and well…but why do we need them? Our soldiers may be crap (as a NSF, I can say that) but Singapore already has the most modern airforce in the region. In terms of size, we are outnumbered but weapons wise, we are heads and tails in front of anyone in Southeast Asia. So why would we need 2 subs with an advance range system?

Submarines are not really needed because…well, Singapore don’t need them. Even if you want to add a new look to the battlefield, how are 2 submarines going to change a thing on the field? Frankly, outside a hole in our wallet, I can’t see what use the new subs are to Singapore. 


Anonymous said...

Sub is useful for resolving naval blockade. But since Malacca straits is a major shipping route, major powers will like to keep the route open, so yes it is useless

Anonymous said...

I forgot about insertion but since Singapore passport is so well received, it is useless too

Anonymous said...

Well, at least our Admiral can say that he is able to command two submarines, when other country Defence Chief comes visiting..

What do you think...they are not able to raise the NSF allowances to match the regulars...and yet able to buy 1.7 billion dollars submarines..

Where is the Workers' Party shadow Defence Minister. or maybe LTK can asked some of the money to be given for the continuing running of the TELEText..

Ghost said...

Where you get that figure? All reports I read say the cost of the deal was not disclosed.

Anonymous said...

If NSF allowances are raised, who benefit?

And who benefit when $1.7 billion of the country's reserves is spent on something useless?

Anonymous said...

Well, the enemy are within...why need of submarines..

Quote from TRE.

Oh yes, they are rich. But they would rather prefer squeezing the citizens’ coffers to pay for it.
Look at all those perks and salaries for their Gurkha contingent (some 2,000 of them) who are paid professional rates but on the other hand pay our NS men pittance allowance.
It’s like using our NS men’s salaries to subsidise the Gurkhas’ pay.
The Gurkhas bring in their families, relatives and other dependents in tow.
Many are having their children born here in our maternity hospitals to enjoy our social amenities and infrastructures and staying long term with the hope of gaining citizenship.
The Gurkhas are clamouring for more citizenship rights everywhere that they are stationed like in the UK and HKG.
Not surprising, some with only daughters have obtained citizenship
here already.
To keep them in Singapore is not cheap.
Their needs are very well taken care of by our govt. with competitive salaries, subsidised quarters, healthcare and even education for the children right up to tertiary level.
Since our NS sons are paid pittance for their sweat and hard grit,
shouldn’t we ask WP to raise in parliament on this wage disparity and ask for the disclosure of the Gurkhas perks and salaries ?
As far as I see it, there is no value add in the services of the Gurkha.
To say that they are a loyal and heroic lot is a myth.
Most of them don’t look tough enough to earn this reputation.
Our NS boys are any time better.
I can also see many are boisterous, rowdy and rude without showing respects to local Singaporeans when they are on outings or shopping publicly with their families.
If unchecked, overtime they soon may also cast a condescending view on the locals knowing that they themselves are preferred and better treated by our PAP government.
Is there still a need today for their services ?
Or is it that PAP does not trust its own people to maintain security ?
Perhaps they still need them like kind of private army to protect themselves the elites !
What do you think ?

Ghost said...

To Anon 5/12 11.55am,

You think the Gurkha's reputation is a myth? If that's the case then you should have no problem going a few rounds with one of them right? Who are you?