Friday, December 27, 2013

Comics this week

Forever Evil #4- After some fits and starts, I have to say Forever Evil is coming along nicely. Writer Geoff Johns took his time, but his portrayal of the Injustice League this issue is top-class. Lex Luthor, Bizarro, Black Mantra, Black Adam and Captain Cold each has a distinct function and voice in the team and the first taste of the team working together is interesting to say the least. Also look out for the scene between Lex and Bizarro which is nothing short of great. The only knock I have is the Batman/Catwoman section of the issue which struck out wrong; I want more Injustice League and Crime Syndicate!

Jupiter’s Legacy Giant-Sized #1- When writer Mark Millar and artist Frank Quitely released Jupiter’s Legacy #1, I didn’t pick it up because I didn’t see the hook in the story. Jupiter’s Legacy Giant-Sized #1 collect Issues 1 to 3 of Jupiter’s Legacy and boy do I see the hook now or not. Millar almost certainly wrote this story together as a whole because this story is so smooth I can’t tell where one issue end and another began. The story itself is great with an almost Shakespearean twist with the mighty hero Utopian betrayed by the very heroes he help create. I may not have Jupiter’s Legacy #1, #2, or #3, but I will be certainly be there for #4.   

Justice League #26- With the Forever Evil event, writer Geoff Johns has been using his Justice League books to flesh out the back-story of the various members of the Crime Syndicate. This issue, we have the origin stories of Power Ring, Deathstorm, Johnny Quick and Atomico. Unlike the fun origin stories of Ultraman and Owlman, I didn’t find the origin stories here to be all that interesting. However since all the Crime Syndicate now had their origins told, maybe next time the story can move forward again.

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