Monday, December 23, 2013

Who Care About Fairness?

Since the riot in Little India, the Singapore Police had charged 25 men involved in the riot. Outside them, over 200 men have been given police advisories while another 53 had been deported out of Singapore without charge.

It is these 53 men who had been deported that has raised the ire of activists with Workfair Singapore issuing a statement lamenting the Singapore law that allow the government to deport migrant workers without trial or the right to appeal.

I’m sorry but the activists are barking up the wrong tree if they believe Singaporeans are going to be on their side on this argument. Simply put; yes, it is unfair that these foreign workers can be deported without the right to appeal but most Singaporeans do not care about that.

To Singaporeans and the Singapore government, the workers are here to work and to make money. This is their role in Singapore. As everyone can see on the comments on the internet, the foreign worker’s personal well-being is of a secondary concern to us, if it’s a concern at all.  

Fair or not; right or not; that’s just the way it is in Singapore. 


Anonymous said...

Right...even our jobs are taken away...and they want us to "protect the foreigners."....

It is time to "boot" all foreigners out..including the Gurkha...This shows Singaporeans does not is just a.....what.. idea..

Ghost said...

Thank you for proving my point. When it come to foreign workers, Singaporeans do not care about fairness.