Monday, May 25, 2015

Boring Season Is Over

The Premier League ends yesterday and it was one of the more boring seasons in recent memory. Chelsea parked the bus for weeks on end, and no one could find a way through. To be fair, it’s hard when the team leading the EPL is playing a 4-6-0 formation. Still, they won and in the grand scheme of things, that’s all that matter.

Team of the Season
Leicester City- Chelsea may have won the league but is there anyone alive who could have predicated that Leicester City would finish the season in 14th place? I sure the hell didn’t. I thought they were going down at the start of the season, and was certain of it at the turn of the year when they were rock bottom. Credit to manager Nigel Pearson who managed to turn things around in such a big way!

Most Disappointing Team
Liverpool- When Liverpool finished second last season, it seems that it would be a return to glory for the club. However manager Brendan Rodgers has been unable to offset the sale of forward Luis Suarez to Barcelona. His shotgun approach to the transfer market has come out with more duds than gems and with young Raheem Sterling forcing a move out of Anfield, this season has been a great disappointment for Liverpool.

Most Laughable Fans
Newcastle Untied- I know there’s no such category in most lists, but if there is then fans of Newcastle United would win it hands down. In the time-honored tradition of not blaming fans for anything, most commenters are not publicly blaming Newcastle fans for the club’s horrible season but let’s admit it, the only reason Newcastle finished fourth from bottom is due to the screaming incompetence of its’ fans. Newcastle was comfortably in mid-table when the fans forced out manager Alan Pradew (booing him even when the team was winning). Local boy John Craver took over and Newcastle went on a downward spiral that only ends on the final day of the season. With fans like this, who needs away games?

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