Thursday, May 7, 2015

Comics this week

Convergence #5- I said last week that it seems writer Jeff King has a plan, and boy is that right or what! #5 of Convergence has the writer pulling a fast one on use as the main villain of the story moved from Telos to Deimos. The ending of this issue was also very good, loading up on all sorts of potential ideas for the remaining 3 issues. The only drawback I see is the end of Skartaris and Warlord, King really should have done more with them. However his plan seems to be working so bring on the next issue.

Jupiter’s Circle #2- I admit; writer Mark Millar got me good on this one. I thought for sure Blue Bolt was going to be the reason Utopian’s team broke up and that he’s Hutch’s father. I mean he got a good reason to betray the team and his rod looked almost the same as the one Hutch has. So he got me good when it was revealed that Blue Bolt is a better man than anyone thought and dropped hints that the problems with the team runs much deeper than one sole member. Of course if these 2 issues are any guide, the hints are also red herrings! Superheroes with mystery; that's what Jupiter's Circle is about!

Secret Wars #1- Writer Jonathan Hickman's works are usually long, confusing and totally epic; he’s seems perfect to be the writer of a Marvel event! Not only that, Secret Wars is basically a continuation of his Avengers story. In it, Hickman has a long running story on how Earths from alternate realities are colliding against each other, destroying both worlds in the process. Failing to stop the collision, a band of Earth’s heroes on Earth 616 is doing the unthinkable. When it happens, the group will destroy the alternate Earth. This act will save their planet but will kill billions of people in the other alternate Earth. Secret Wars is a story on what happen when Earth 616 and Earth Ultimate meets. It becomes a time of strange alliances as Ultimate Richard Reed team-up with Thanos while Earth 616 throws every hero they have at Earth Ultimate to destroy them. I like the tone of this issue. Both sides know and understand they are trying to destroy each other, and are trying to kill billions in the process. They know this and are still doing it because they want to live. Both sides know they are doing evil but Hickman did a good job of showing that when it comes down to it; between they and me, everyone will choose “me”. No one is going to allow their planet to be destroyed so that some other planet to live. That by itself makes this event interesting. 

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